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School Spirit Days

It is that time of year again for school spirit days. Mataya had crazy hair day on Tuesday. We went for the braided look.

Today was Flannel Friday at Joash's school. I really had to document this day because I convinced Joash to wear jeans to school!

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February Books

It was another great month of reading. Though I will admit the Olympics took up some of my normal reading time. I love the Olympics and watching all the different athletes and sport. Even curling...Top three reads for the month would be Glass Houses by Louise Penny, Left Neglected  by Lisa Genova and What Alice Forgot  by Liane Moriarty.

Gideon - 22 Months

M(om): Gideon, can you believe it! Another month has passed. You are 22 months now!

G(ideon): I know. I am getting to be very big. I would like to do things by myself now. Can I please walk in a parking lot now?

M:  You are too small for that yet. What other things do you like to do by yourself?

G: I really like to undress myself. And pour my own drink. And get in my chair by myself. But I really don't like to feed myself so much. Who has time to sit at the table for a meal when there are so many other fun things to do?

M: I know. You are certainly growing up. What else is new?

G: I have lots of new words, so it is really nice that you guys are starting to understand some of the things I am saying. I also have my favorite books. And I love to play with the tractors and bales. That was so nice of Joash to show me how to farm in the house.

M: It certainly was. We all love you, Gideon!

What's Going On?

So I have been really bad at blogging lately. Anyway, here are some highlights from the last little bit.

And the biggest news is that Joash's other front tooth fell out. He was pretty excited about this and now has a pretty big hole in his mouth.

January Books

I just remembered I never posted my January books. Well here they are! Top three would be Big Little Lies  by Liane Moriarty, Free of Me by Shannon Hodde Miller and a tie with A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines and Tiger Lillie by Lisa Samon. Both of those were rereads for me and books that I really like.

Gideon - 21 Months

M(om): Hi Gideon, How are you?

G(ideon): I am a pretty good, Mom. But I have a cold. And what is this? Only one picture of me for my 21 month interview? Seriously? This third child thing stinks.

M: I am sorry, but you are in you super cute milk and cookie pj's that say "Dream Team." They make me smile every time. But we have been pretty under the weather around here, so not a lot of pictures have been taken. But what is new for you?

G: I am starting to say more things that you understand. And I love to pretend play with my tractor, cars, the pretend kitchen food. And my most favorite thing to do right now is empty out the kitchen drawers I can reach and open.

M: I know. It is not one of my most favorite activities of yours, but sometimes it keeps you very busy for a bit while I am trying to get something done. It is hard to believe you are 21 months already. 2 will be here before we know it.

Christmas 2017

Well, we are nearing the end of Christmas break. And overall we had a pretty great Christmas. Gideon got sick during the night on Christmas Eve, so I didn't make it to church on Christmas Day. But, no one else got sick, so it was okay and we still enjoyed Christmas together and with extended family.
The kids decorated a gingerbread house before Christmas  We also Skyped with my parents on the Saturday before Christmas and the kids opened the gifts from Grandpa and Grandma. They really enjoyed the craft kits they recieved and spent the rest of the day working hard on them.

 New PJ's from Great Grandma!
 We did a lunch of appetizers and finger foods on Christmas day.
 Gideon really got the whole idea of gift opening down.
 We a nice afternoon of opening and then playing with gifts.
 On New Year's Eve, we celebrated Christmas with the Talen family that was here.
 Joash had to run around the house 5 times before he could open one of his gifts.
 Reina made this really nice puz…