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Gideon - 9 Months

 M(om): Hello, Gideon! You are 9 months old today! As Dad reminded us at coffee time, that means you have been out in the world for the same amount of time you were inside of me.

G(ideon): Really? It feels like I have been around a lot longer than that.

M: For me, too. What has been happening lately?
G: Well, lots things I guess. I have been growing a lot. At least that is what everyone keeps telling me. And I have been talking a lot. I can say "Da da" pretty well, which seems to make Dad very happy. I like to play lots of different toys, especially ones that make sounds and play music. They are just so interesting!

M: Have you learned anything else new lately?

G: I can stand up! I think it is so much fun to pull myself up to stand by things. And I am getting better at getting down now, so I think that you like it more now too.

M: I must say your surprised me when you first stood up by things. What are you eating these days?
 G: Food is so yummy! I will eat pretty much anything you give me. I do like to try and feed myself, but it also really nice when you feed me. I really like puffs, bananas, pears, peaches. Really, there isn't any food that I don't like. One time I even stole Dad's cookie from him. That was really tasty. Can I have another one?

M: Not right now. How is sleeping going?

G: I don't mind sleeping. I like to have a morning nap around 9 and I will sleep for 1 hour or so. And I like my afternoon nap around 1 or 1:30 and I will sleep for close to 2 hours then. And I am ready for bed around 7 and I usually sleep until 7 in the morning. But, I don't really like to sleep in places other than my own bed.

M: I am glad you sleep so well. You are such a joy to have around, Gideon. Who do you like to be around the most?

G: Well, I certainly do love you, Mom. But I get very excited when I hear my Dad voice and my brother, Joash. I do love to see them each day.

M: And we all love to have you around, too.


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Gideon - 3 months

M(om): Gideon, you are 3 months old today!

G(ideon): Wow! This month has gone really fast!

M: I know. We have been very busy (hence the lack of blog posts this month). What are some of the things we have been doing?
G: So many things. I went to the beach for the first time. I met Oom Emil and Tante Karisa. I even went to VBS. I am smiling and cooing lots and I really like to try and roll from my back to belly. But my arm always stops me from getting all the way over.

M: You have been doing so many things! How are things like eating and sleeping going?
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