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Listening Lately

When I am in the kitchen (which is a good chunk of my day) I really enjoy listening to different podcasts on the computer. I like that they keep me thinking and learning and, since Wilbert listens to several of the same ones as I do, it give us something to talk about. 

Here are some of my favourites as of late.

The Allusionist: This one appeals to the word geek in me. It looks at the history of words and the stories behind words and why we say the things we do in the crazy English language. Bonus: host is British and has a fantastic dry sense of humor. Lots of fun, though some episodes are a little less family friendly than others.

Radiolab: This is one of Wilbert and my favorites. The loose description is it stories from science and technology, but you almost always learn something new. Like "blow-your-mind, I-never-knew-that, God-is-amazing-something" new.

The Memory Palace: A short podcast. Each episode is a little story that the writer tells in a masterful way. Think "The Rest of the Story" with Paul Harvey, but not just about people, but also events and inventions and all sorts of things like that. Great when you just need something short.

99 % Invisible: A show about design and why things are the way they are. Another really interesting one and Wilbert and my other top pick. It is so interesting to learn about the little things in the world around you that we often over look.

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey: I know I have talked about this one before, but I can't say enough good about it. I have almost listened to the entire archive. My "to-read" list is through the roof and I am so encouraged by each person she talks to. It is great!


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Talen/VanderGroef Family Visit

Not only did Emil and Karisa and Thomas and Reina come back for a visit last week, but Karisa's family from New Jersey also came for a visit. The farm boys fit right in. The go-kart came out.  and needed to be worked on.
The ladies watched...
and had a fun morning in Victoria by the Sea. Yum chocolates!
We had a meal at Fisherman's Wharf.

Most everyone went deep sea fishing. Joash even got to drive the boat.
Mataya caught quite the fish! That evening we enjoyed the days catch at Harrie and Geesje's house. The kids and friend Tina enjoyed playing with Oom Emil.
The kids also enjoyed having extra people to play with like Karisa's brother Tim and Corey. Thanks for visiting everyone! We had a really nice time. Come again soon!

He's Rolling!

Gideon has master rolling this week and sometimes, he is not too happy about it... He can go from his back to his belly all on his own. And if you lay him on his belly propped up on his elbows, he will roll over to his back.
He started rolling in his crib at nap time, so that means no more swaddling. Which also means we have to relearn sleeping through the night. He has done two nights swaddle free, which have gone okay. He stirs a few more times during the night, but I only got up once to actually feed him so he will settle back to sleep. So, not too bad and hopefully we get back on track quickly.

Gideon - 3 months

M(om): Gideon, you are 3 months old today!

G(ideon): Wow! This month has gone really fast!

M: I know. We have been very busy (hence the lack of blog posts this month). What are some of the things we have been doing?
G: So many things. I went to the beach for the first time. I met Oom Emil and Tante Karisa. I even went to VBS. I am smiling and cooing lots and I really like to try and roll from my back to belly. But my arm always stops me from getting all the way over.

M: You have been doing so many things! How are things like eating and sleeping going?
G: I don't mind sleeping at all. I like to have good naps in my bed and I like to sleep long through the night. Everyone is much happier when I do this and I am too! And I like to eat. I am getting faster at it, so I also have more time to play

M: I do appreciate how well you sleep and eat. I am thankful that you are pretty easy going. I can't wait to see what the next month brings!